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6 practices that will annoy your Linkedin connections

Whoever has a good network on LinkedIn has a great treasure. This network can be very useful on a professional level, but if our contacts are not satisfied with the content we share or with our practices, we can lose that treasure.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, like Facebook or Twitter. This does not mean that they are used in the same way. Just like you use your Facebook profile to talk about what you want and keep in touch with people you know, or you use Twitter to post what you want and meet people, your LinkedIn profile can focus on your workplace and on establishing professional links with your network.

No es fácil dominar LinkedIn profile. You need to understand the network and be patient with it because the results are noticeable and highly beneficial. One of the benefits of using LinkedIn effectively is creating a valuable network. This process is not easy, but the benefits are worth the investment. While it is not easy to obtain it, it is easy to destroy that network by making mistakes that could damage your professional image or by making them want to unfollow you.

But how do you know if you're the black sheep from your network? Well, here's a list of some annoying habits:

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Comportamientos que irritan a tus contactos en Linkedin

Update in excess

On every social network, some users share too much content. Every time you refresh the page, a new post by the same person pops up; they're eager to share any joke, meme, news, or motivational phrase they have found with their entire network. It has become so annoying that some people have chosen to mute their posts or even avoid it. Has this happened to you? What would you do?

There is no exact science to determining the number of daily updates, but it is clear that the number will not be twenty or thirty. Being too active on LinkedIn can actually be a problem. Constantly updating everything you've seen will overwhelm your network, and those contacts may look for the arrow in the upper right corner of the update and click "hide”.

Less is more!

Not having a profile photo

It is hard to believe that some people don't post profile photos on their social networks, including LinkedIn. So, if you think having a profile photo will threaten your privacy, and you don't want your face to be on the Internet, don't create a profile!

You cannot have a LinkedIn profile without a photo, because your network wants to put a face on you. Going into a LinkedIn profile and interacting with a faceless person gives a bad feeling. It gives the impression that it's an abandoned profile, and that the person behind it is not interested in the network. After all, you wouldn't go to an interview or a meeting with a potential client with a bag on your head. Don't do the same with your LinkedIn network.

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Having an upgradeable professional title

The 120 characters that make up a professional title can be the key to distinguishing you from others. The headline is under your name, and it is used to define us as professionals. If we don't complete it, LinkedIn will use the title it had at the time by default. This can lead to having the wrong title, and in turn, to someone misunderstanding and perhaps confusing what your real job is.

It is also recommended that you do not over-decorate this headline, as it can lead to confusion.

Not answering messages

Unfortunately, a very common mistake is that we include an email in our LinkedIn profile and then we don't check the emails. If someone wants to contact us using this method, it is ideal to respond as soon as possible. No one likes to write to someone and never receive a reply.

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Sending too many messages

To counteract the previous mistake with exactly the opposite behavior can also be a big problem. As annoying as never replying, is sending messages to answer to everything.

You need to know when you can post on another social network, when to make a call, or when to send a more private email. LinkedIn is not appropriate for sending messages of any kind.

If you want to send a message about a new blog post or post about your upcoming child’s concert, consider whether LinkedIn is the proper place to do so. In this way, you won't jeopardize your network nor damage your professional image.

Having more than one Linkedin profile

Sometimes when we search someone on LinkedIn, we get multiple profiles, but we don't know which one to address. We have two profiles with the same photo and title, but which one should I write to? Which one should I add as a contact? I don't know which one is the most used and which one is abandoned. Do I have to talk to all the profiles at once to see which one answers back? No. These problems cause a headache for people who want to add you to their network. In the end, you will most likely decide not to do this.

There are plenty of annoying habits that can prevent you from building your LinkedIn network. What I have presented here are the most common and annoying mistakes. How people use LinkedIn is beyond our imagination. But these mistakes cost a very high price.

Certain employers even check LinkedIn profiles before arranging a job interview with someone and then make a decision based on what they see. These habits do not favor your professional image; instead, our LinkedIn profile should reflect the time and energy we have invested in to make it look relevant and interesting.

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