LinkedIn: The importance of content measuring

For our 4th ExpertIn Live, we invited Juan Pablo Quintero, COO of SHIELD Intelligence. He explained why and how content should be measured, and the impact it has on a LinkedIn profile.

Measuring the impact of LinkedIn content

Juan shares this question: "Why is it so important to measure the content on LinkedIn? I used to keep my LinkedIn profile as a virtual and very fixed resume. That was fine, I had 300 connections. I don't like social networks very much, but when I dived into LinkedIn I discovered the real potential the platform has. I've grown a lot this last year in an organic way".

"What I've seen lately is that the modern marketer must measure the KPIs of the content he creates. Everything can be measured, and it is important to learn how to pivot according to what works best for the followers. Everything is measurable and you have to know what everyone is talking about," claimed Juan.

Our CEO, Luis Minvielle, replies: "The interesting part about measuring is that you can see how your content impacts and generates leads”.

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Adapting your content to the LinkedIn user

"People are afraid to make content on LinkedIn, so the network is grateful to those who create it. LinkedIn is focused on recruitment and job searching, but not so much on content creators. So we are working on expanding the pool of creators," said Juan.

He adds, "What content should be created? It's very personal and related to the user. We have users who only use videos for sharing content and have an impressive amount of views. This is where the engagement level is measured: these levels have a greater impact on views with video content due to the way LinkedIn measures views in videos. On the other hand, growth hackers use carousels a lot. Generally, they are used in posts that have an engagement boost to generate more visibility. They also use CTA buttons. This depends on the person”.

"The 'golden hour' is the time when you get a lot of likes and comments on the first two hours after uploading content. This tells the algorithm: Luis is having many interactions not only with his first level contacts, but also with second and third level contacts, and so the algorithm shows you new people. The first two hours are important for any kind of post. The time when people are most active is between 1 pm and 3 pm UTC," concludes Juan.

Latin America and LinkedIn presence

Juan Pablo explains: "Linkedin is the network to gain visibility. Instagram is very consumer-oriented. We are starting to incorporate business influencers. If you engage with your staff or promote an employee's personal brand, it will be very positive for the company”.

Then he goes on: "In Latin America, people still need to adopt LinkedIn as a B2B platform and those who start today will see the results in two years, so the more involved you are today, the better chance you will have in the future. If you begin to build your network today, the better. The numbers will eventually increase”.

Luis agrees and adds: “In the digital world, who strikes first, triumphs.”

The communicative potential of LinkedIn

Juan's main argument is that "the web 2.0 is where all these platforms are born or based, that is, they are created for people to interact with each other. A company that just creates content is no longer possible because it lacks communication. And neither is one-way communication possible since what prevails are networks. The connection between individuals is what makes organic content so valuable".

Our CEO states: "Linkedin is for everyone, you don't have to be a guru. I am an ordinary and boring person, but I discovered that LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and today I am approached by people with very interesting opinions. People contact you already knowing about your work."

shield intelligence
SHIELD Intelligence

Referring to SHIELD, Juan explains: "We publish a lot of content aimed at business marketing creators, these are posts with a limited number of characters that are very effective. We work with business marketing managers and they appreciate our content as a training tool for their employees. It's multipurpose. It is about being brave. It's not about posting pictures of cats."

"Whatever you're trying to achieve, start even if it's not perfect. Give yourself a chance to be wrong and fail. I started out improvising but that's how it works. At least I'm creating content about what I'm interested in, and if it doesn't have the impact that I expected, no one will die", he states.

Sharing content regularly on LinkedIn

"It's only logical that a profile with a higher number of views would publish often. If we take a look at those who regularly create content, there is a correlation between that and the number of views on their profile. It depends largely on the people," says Juan Pablo.

He continues: "There are two great trends: one that states you should post every second, and another that states you should post less often. So what is statistically convenient? When you post as often as three times a day, you compete with your own content, so for me, it doesn't make much sense to post so many pieces of content on the same day. I would leave a maximum of one post per day. The users with the largest number of followers post every day except Sundays."

As far as his own schedule and days to publish on Linkedin, he adds: "I don't like Mondays to publish, people usually are still thinking about the weekend and their heads are on other things. I like Tuesdays and Thursdays, or an early Friday post that I let rest all weekend and pick up on Tuesday.

Expressing your personality on LinkedIn

To conclude, Juan adds: "Articles that are very dull perform well and don't have much traction. A connection with your client shows which aspects of your personality to display that merge with your work."

In our last ExpertIn Live, Juan Pablo Quintero offered valuable insights. As we shared his vision of promoting LinkedIn and its many benefits, we learned about his approach for generating and measuring content on this platform. The perfect time to start on LinkedIn is now.

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