LinkedIn: The world's largest B2B network

In business, it's not just about selling. To have the right partnerships is the key to build your company's future. And LinkedIn, the largest B2B network on the planet, has the tools.

How can you use them to create the best business relationship? Currently, the way people buy has changed. Many people enter the web only to find solutions.

So let's change the question What can I sell? to How can I help you? It will make a big difference. And for this, LinkedIn is perfect for creating connections and conversations.

LinkedIn la red B2B más grande del mundo
LinkedIn: the world's largest B2B network

B2B Network on LinkedIn

The term B2B stands forbusiness to business. It refers to the provision of services from one company to another to increase mutual benefit.

LinkedIn profile, the network with more than 660 million users, can be useful to attract customers for your business. And not only that, it is a great tool for recruiting new staff.

As a network, LinkedIn offers the possibility to keep in contact with people and it does not require physical presence. This is a significant advantage for B2B negotiations. As it is possible to create a schedule of virtual meetings only with companies with which we are building a bilateral business relationship.

B2B negotiations

In these negotiations, there are two angles. The B2B seller, who needs an image that communicates trust; and the B2B buyer, who has to make decisions. The latter will choose only those companies that guarantee a strong business relationship in terms of delivery and performance.

Therefore the company that wants to make a B2B alliance with another one must have a targeted marketing strategy. It should define what it wants and who is its target.

The decision-makers at LinkedIn

Profile analysis is fundamental. Start your LinkedIn search by looking for companies that match your offer. Remember that most of them get their providers from the web, so get there first! But, not before being ready for that persuasive meeting.

Also, avoid being too eager in your selling process, as the decision-maker might misinterpret this as a desperate attempt.

Measure your time. You must be able to recognize the selling stage you are in. Not everyone is ready to close a deal in the first meeting.

LinkedIn and B2B content creation

On the first ExpertIn Live with Diego Noriega, Director of Endeavor NOA, and a LinkedIn user with more than 25,000 followers, we talked about the importance of LinkedIn in B2B negotiations.

According to Diego Noriega, content creation is the key to creating B2B alliances. But in Latin America we don't actually use social networks, instead, social networks use us. We only post to express how "good we are" and not to share knowledge.

Sharing knowledge in LinkedIn will create a reference point for our personal brand.

If we want more visibility we must improve our content creation. Only then will companies decide to make alliances with us.

Join LinkedIn groups and position yourself as a B2B company

With a good content strategy and by positioning yourself in LinkedIn groups you will have a better chance of being noticed. The dynamics are very similar to a forum here. For example, if you start a debate on a topic and it draws attention to the group, everybody will be engaged in a huge conversation.

In this way, you can share your knowledge throughout this conversation. If you do this with the right group, you can prove what you know. Your contribution and professionalism will stand out and you will get a response. Make sure you create a LinkedIn group with a topic you feel more confident about.

New features

LinkedIn has now added new features, for example, a calendar that synchronizes two users to meet at a certain time. It is a very useful tool for international business meetings since time zones may be different and it’s an even more practical tool for B2B negotiations.

LinkedIn also has a new "InMail" messaging option introduced as a new chat form. With this feature, you don't need to use email in the traditional way since “InMail” speeds up your communication process.

There is also a sponsored message option.

LinkedIn videos in negotiations

In a conference, Mark Zuckerberg pointed out that video format is the mega-trend in social networks. So LinkedIn did not fall behind since it discovered that content linked to a video format was the most consumed. Statistics show that more than 50% of people were looking for this type of post.

Originally LinkedIn only allowed to add videos from other sites. But now you can upload all your videos through the App.

Users expressed that they are more comfortable with any negotiation. In fact, "LinkedIn video" was rated as one of the most effective marketing platforms.

Interesting facts about LinkedIn

At the same time, OkDork (marketing experts) conducted a study with over 2900 publications on LinkedIn. They perceived that posts with titles between 40 and 50 characters had an excellent response, as well as content above 2000 words.

They also found that posts with 5 headlines had many more visits. And they noticed that publications with 8 images in their content performed very well.

It is clear that being strategic really benefits your business. In short, LinkedIn can significantly leverage your business by enabling you to have an excellent B2B relationship.

Just set up a good content strategy and make an impact on your target audience. Measure, monitor, update, and transcend. The greatest benefits for your business could come from a future partnership built through this platform.

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