Redes Sociales en LATAM

Social Networks in LATAM: How to master social selling

We have been in the digital era for some time now, but we still do not fully understand how social networks are a fundamental point in the process of improving our personal brand and thus empowering any business.

And we're not just talking about using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There is a great potential in social networks for us Latin Americans. Basically, because it allows us to create a professional image that supports our business or personal brand.

That's why we have made a detailed list of recommendations for you to filter the most fundamental social networks that will help you take advantage of the content you post on the web.

The challenge of positioning our brand on Social Networks

As entrepreneurs, the first step is to position the content of our business brand on the internet.

The truth is that within the LATAM community the content consumption on the Internet is increasing and we are the population with the highest Internet consumption and time spent on social networks.

Redes Sociales en LATAM

Let's start creating quality content

Still, the other side of the coin is that we are not the first to create online content. Compared to other countries, within Latin America, we are in prehistoric times in this respect!

We talked about this with Diego Noriega in the 1st ExpertIn Live of AMO Growth LINKEDIN: What is it for and how to use it?

Is this important? Yes, you must consider that the content you publish on networks is the means to reach the audience you want. And this is where the use of social networks becomes a great opportunity to grow for entrepreneurs.

So why is it complicated to position content on social networks? It's not really that difficult. Deep down, there is a kind of guilt or shame in selling, and this perception can cast down many businesses and SMBs.

Keep in mind that many people share their content but do not generate leads, and this is because they can still improve the way they interact in social networks. Or because they are not using the right networks for their target audience.

For this reason, it is necessary to develop a strong personal brand, which builds the foundation to attract customers and also catalyze the growth of our business. In this sense, the ideal social networks for entrepreneurs are YouTube and LinkedIn profile.

Personal Branding: The Key to Networking for entrepreneurs

Some twenty or thirty years ago, reputation was the determining factor in how business was done. Imagine if our parents would still hire the same technician or mechanic just because he had earned their trust through his work over the years.

There is a more significant factor in doing business than that: there is a connection between the provider and the consumer.

This concept has moved into the digital age where the concept of personal branding was born.

What is personal branding? It's basically the reputation and prestige that you can project through the media, especially in social networks.

It is a basic concept but it goes hand in hand with the capacity to take advantage of it in any kind of business or project:

Personal branding, like business branding, involves all aspects of the person and has a direct impact on how the person is perceived by colleagues, partners, and customers.

Is it really important to have a Personal Branding?

Nowadays, there is a growing need for an appropriate presence in all aspects of life. In the same way that we have to look decent for a job interview, the way we use our profile in social networks can actually help us seal the deal or cause a setback in this information age.

Consequently, developing a personal branding that manages and promotes a good image has excellent benefits:

  • It allows your clients to really get to know you. Through your content, you will gain your clients’ confidence and trust to contact you with sustainable intentions.
  • It allows your team to find out about your values and passions. This is very useful, especially when working in management positions.
  • It works as a means to expand for suppliers and investors.

LinkedIn and YouTube: the best social networks for entrepreneurs

More and more people are turning to digital media, regardless of their age, social status, or profession. We are currently in an era where the market flow is driven by networks.

And this is evidenced in the recent events of the social quarantine due to the Covid-19:

If someone was exempted from using social networks or the internet to manage some aspect of their life, they were forced to learn.

In this respect we have to consider that both YouTube and LinkedIn are the ideal social networks to make a difference:

Why? Well, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and LinkedIn, due to its position as a professional network, contributes to the development of a business image and helps clients and consumers to trust it.

Recommendations to take advantage of your LinkedIn and Youtube profile

The only thing left to do now is to get to work with these recommendations to maximize your visibility on social networks:

Create content

This is the key to a successful profile in social networks, it is always necessary to update what our followers or contacts perceive of us.

Remember that through content is how we make an impact on our target audience and with our content, we create the image that we want to project in our personal brand. This does not mean that we necessarily need to create shallow content; on the contrary, we want to build a solid base of trust.

Be concise

If a user sees a long paragraph, he or she will be more reluctant to read it than if it is just a few lines. Try to cover the ideas in the shortest length possible so that they reach a longer audience.

Be real

The image of the perfect entrepreneur who does everything right doesn't really sell. The more real you present yourself, the better your reputation will be:

Present your accomplishments, but also your failures and lessons learned. Projecting that distinctive modesty and frustration allows others to perceive you more closely... and that increases sales.

Reinvent and update

You don't have to constantly update new material. Even though there is content that expires eventually (like something related to the coronavirus), there is old material that you can either repurpose or republish while it is still current.

Do not minimize

If you use diminutives in your way of expressing something about yourself or your project like "I have a small business" it gives your followers the impression that it's not serious. In your way of referring to yourself, you should express the significance of what you do.

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